Capacity Building: An Approach to People-Centred Development (1997), Oxford: Oxfam.

‘Should anyone ask me for an accessible, practical, and yet comprehensive introduction to the topic of capacity-building, I will immediately and unreservedly recommend this book.’
Paddy Reilly, Director, Development Studies Centre, Dublin

The Oxfam Handbook of Development and Relief (with Suzanne Williams) (3 vols.) (1995), Oxford: Oxfam.

‘An excellent resource for anyone in pursuit of a career in the aid and development field. Although it's 3 books the texts are divided into the core areas and the language of the work is easy and accessible to anyone.’
Anitra Basant, Toronto



Civil Society and Development: Issues for NGOs (with Ernst Ligteringen) (1999), Tokyo: Advanced Development Management Program, Sophia University.

Against the Grain: The Dilemma of Project Food Aid (with Tony Jackson) (1982), Oxford: Oxfam.



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Articles in peer-reviewed journals

'Capacity building: who builds whose capacity?’ (2007) Development in Practice 17(4&5): 630–639.

‘International NGOs and unions in the South: worlds apart or allies in the struggle?’ (2004) Development in Practice 14(1&2): 71–84.

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‘Change and continuity: the challenge of transition’ (1997) Development in Practice 7(4): 500–504.

‘Emergencies and development: ageing with wisdom and dignity’ (1994) Focus on Gender 2(1): 17–19.

Numerous commissioned articles and book reviews published in: Crosslines International Report, Developing Economies, Development in Practice, Feminist Review, Gender & Development, Gender Links, IRED ForumNew Internationalist, QuartoRed Cross, Red Crescent Magazine, UNRISD Social Development News,Oxfam Gender & Development Pack.

Case studies in: No Time to Waste: Poverty and the Global Environment (1993) and The Oxfam Gender Training Manual (1994).


Commissioned reports

Social Knowledge and International Policy Making (2004), Geneva: UNRISD.

Advancing the Social Agenda: Two Years After Copenhagen (1997), Geneva: UNRISD.

After the Social Summit: Implementing the Programme of Action (1995), Geneva: UNRISD.



Editor-in-Chief, Development in Practice

From 1991 until the end of its 20th anniversary volume I developed this touchstone peer-reviewed journal of practice-relevant research and analysis. With contributions from development and humanitarian professionals worldwide, under my direction the 8-issue volume included a special guest issue on topics ranging from the application of research to development practice to citizens' media and communication.

Alongside the journal I also created the supporting book series (Development in Practice Books) and developed a multilingual website.


Series Editor, Development in Practice Books

Sample contents from most of these thematic collections can be downloaded in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish from www.developmentinpractice/books.

Achieving Education for All through Public–Private Partnerships? Non-state provision of education in developing countries (2011), Abingdon: Routledge.

Deconstructing Development Discourse: Buzzwords and Fuzzwords (2010), Rugby & New Delhi: Practical Action Publishing & Rawat Publishers.

Participatory Research and Gender Analysis: New Approaches (2010), Abingdon: Routledge.

Development and Humanitarianism: Practical Issues (2007), Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

‘Students of humanitarian action – academics and practitioners alike – will find this volume a rich repository of data and insights.’
Larry Minear, Former Director, Humanitarianism and War Project

Development and the Private Sector: Consuming Interests (2006), Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

Development NGOs and Labor Unions: Terms of Engagement (2005), Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

‘This book presents a frank and critical analysis of the differences in ideology, organization and mode of operation as well as of shared goals, common interests and cooperation between the two major forces of global society. It will be of interest to all committed to social justice in world development.’
Dharam Ghai, Former Director, UNRISD; Adviser, International Labour Office

‘The authors address the new, sometimes difficult, issues raised by the relationship between organized labor, with its longstanding structures and traditions, and the emerging world of independent social movements. This collection should be of significant value to policy makers, activists, and academics.’
Stephen F Diamond, Associate Professor of Law, Santa Clara University

Development, Women, and War: Feminist Perspectives (2004), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development Methods and Approaches: Critical Reflections (2003), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development and the Learning Organisation (2003), Oxford: Oxfam (in association with the Institute of Development Studies and Oxfam America).

Development and Culture (2002), Oxford: Oxfam (in association with World Faiths Dialogue on Development).

Development and Cities (2002), Oxford: Oxfam (in association with UNRISD).

Development and Agroforestry: Scaling Up the Impact of Research (2002), Oxford: Oxfam (in association with the World Forestry Centre).

Development and Advocacy (2002), Oxford: Oxfam.

Debating Development: NGOs and the Future (2001), Oxford: Oxfam (in association with Oxfam International).

‘… contributes to a deeper and critical understanding of the issue of partnership and advocacy ... provides insights on advocacy strategies, campaigns, and process of discourse formation and emphasises the need for NGOs to demonstrate the effectiveness of their advocacy work [from] diverse perspectives and viewpoints ... The diversity of contributors adds to the richness of the debate.’
PRIO Journal

Development, NGOs, and Civil Society (2000), Oxford: Oxfam.

‘An admirable attempt to grapple with the thorny issues of NGOs’ roles and responsibilities as they become ever more central players in development. The combination of critical assessments of NGOs’ practice and serious analysis of what might constitute ‘civil society’is invaluable. These are the tough questions which are often ducked and which Development, NGOs and Civil Society tackles with vigour.’
Marcela López Levy, Latin America Bureau

Development and Management: Experiences of Value-Based Conflict (2000), Oxford: Oxfam (in association with The Open University).

Development and Social Action (1999), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development with Women (1999), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development and Rights (1998), Oxford: Oxfam.

‘Firoze Manji’s introductory essay and the 12 wide-ranging articles in the body of this volume have the effect of grabbing the international development community and its well-intentioned supporters by the lapels and giving them all a vigorous shaking. Hard-hitting and stimulating.’

Development for Health (1997), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development and Patronage (1997), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development and Social Diversity (1996), Oxford: Oxfam.

Development in States of War (1996), Oxford: Oxfam. 


Translator and substantive editor

Risk Mapping and Local Capacities: Lessons from Mexico and Central America (2000), Working Paper, Oxford: Oxfam.

Post-war Reconstruction in Central America: Lessons from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua (1999), Working Paper, Oxford: Oxfam.

Mujer Centroamericana: Violencia y Guerra (co-ed.) (1987), México DF: COFESMUCA and CIDHAL.